Thought Leadership

Pellegrino & Associates is a thought leader in the intellectual property valuation industry. Domestic and international companies seek our expertise to provide credible intellectual property valuations and educate professionals on IP- and software-related topics. The proof is in our accomplishments. The following indicate our capabilities and our position as a thought leader.

We Set Standards
Our company president was instrumental in helping to change Indiana law regarding the valuation of embedded application software for personal property tax reporting purposes and for the taxation of patent-derived income. He authored a substantial portion of the administrative rules that Indiana’s Department of Local Government and Finance now uses to administer the evaluation of software appraisals for property tax matters.
We author nationally and internationally published articles.

Our IP- and software-related articles appear in well-known outlets such as IAM Magazine, Valuation Strategies Magazine, CFO Magazine,,, and others.

We provide credible and defensible IP and technology valuations.
Judges, attorneys, and government entities such as the IRS and SEC have accepted our work product. Courts at the state and federal level, tax jurisdictions, and arbitration panels have also accepted our work. One North Carolina court stated our work is “clearly in the mainstream of IP valuation methodologies” and that our qualifications are “outstanding.”
We write books on IP valuation.

Company president Mike Pellegrino has written first and second editions of BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, selling more than 700 to date.

We are educators.
We educate professionals around the globe on topics specific to IP valuations and the tax effects of embedded application software and intellectual property. Venues include law firms, universities, accounting firms, appraisal firms, valuation firms, state bar associations, and other organizations. Within the industry itself, we have trained a quarter of the professionals on IP valuation. We also teach webinars on IP valuation and related topics.
We are innovators.
We assisted with the development of a state-of-the-art patent analytics tool that provides key insights and intelligence into the patent landscape. This system removes information asymmetry rampant in the patent marketplace by consolidating millions of disparate records into a user-friendly database
We are experts.
Our team consists of employees who have owned businesses, patented inventions, and practiced law in the intellectual property industry. Therefore, we bring a perspective unique to any other firm in the industry. We bring firsthand experience to our work efforts.
We offer a range of services.
Our services are numerous involving the intellectual property spectrum, allowing clients to make strategic decisions. Our services include patent analytics, competitive intelligence, IP valuation, expert witness testimony, economic damages calculations, royalty rate determination, early-stage valuations, software valuations, speaking engagements, and more.


Our Publications page will direct you to one of the most valuable IP guides in the industry. The BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property provides in-depth and practical advice for IP analysis. It addresses the due diligence process for each type of IP and specific areas that can present challenges. In addition to the guide, you will find numerous articles regarding the various valuation approaches, the valuation of early-stage technologies, embedded software valuations, new models, and much more.

Sample Projects

Think you may have a need for an IP valuation? This page will give you an idea of the types of valuations we’ve performed. We specialize in software valuations, IP valuations, and early-stage valuations. Within each of those categories, the types of technologies are diverse. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking Engagements

At Pellegrino & Associates, we participate in a variety of events throughout the year. At these events, we inform participants of the challenges involved in IP valuations, present the latest industry information, provide real-world case studies, and discuss IP valuation in litigation. But that’s not all. Click on this link to discover some of the topics we’ve presented. You will see that we cover a wide variety of topics. Have a new topic? Contact us today to see how we can help you.

BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation

P&A founder Mike Pellegrino published his first book, BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, in July 2009, which you can find currently for sale through, Barnes &, or Business Valuation Resources directly. P&A is currently under agreement for another book on software valuation and has a publisher interested in one on early-stage technology valuation. In short, P&A has the credibility and technical ability to defend its work.

Today, Pellegrino & Associates is a growing valuation services firm focused on providing the most precise, credible, and equitable valuations for investment and tax reporting purposes. With offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, and San Jose, California, Pellegrino & Associates has been proud to serve companies ranging from small, privately owned organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Clients have used the company’s valuations for internal capital budgeting and planning purposes, for property tax reporting purposes, for raising investment capital, and for economic feasibility analysis.

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