Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a treasure trove for successful business organization and structure, providing a wealth of information for making key business decisions surrounding intellectual property. The challenge with competitive intelligence lies in comprehending the bulk of available intellectual property information and condensing it into a robust, usable blueprint for the specific needs of a particular company. At P&A, we study behavioral signals and use tools that remove asymmetry common in the patent landscape, allowing us to pinpoint important intellectual property information for a particular use case.  

We bring a unique perspective to the industry with ipAnalytx, a state of the art patent analytics tool developed by members of our firm, along with other patent data sources to provide clients with unparalleled intelligence for a variety of business purposes. With our in-house analytics system, we provide our clients with details from a data source that we have intimate knowledge of, rather than relying on sources from third parties. As such, we have firsthand insight to behavioral signals within the intellectual property realm that helps guide our clients with intellectual property business decisions. For instance, we assist with identifying potential licensees, determining which patent assets to license, sell, or acquire, and benchmarking competitor patents against a subject portfolio to identify strategic advantages and risks. 

How We Are Different.

P&A also performs customized analyses for other strategic purposes based on client needs and purposes. In our previous engagements this has included leveraging our expertise and patent analytics platform to:

  • Identify core and non-core patent assets in large patent portfolios. 
  • Help manage portfolio size and expected costs over the portfolio’s life. 
  • Identify or benchmark the performance of outside patent counsel.
  • Identify or benchmark key inventors in a particular technology area.
  • Advise and rank order patent assets for acquisition in a given portfolio.

Armed with this valuable information, our clients benefit by making more informed and timely business decisions that place them in the forefront of the competitive landscape. Contact us today about our competitive intelligence services to discover the multitude ways we can assist you. 

Competitive Intelligence Services


 We give our clients an advantage over their competitors using our two decades of IP valuation experience and our proprietary patent analytics system, ipAnalytx, developed by our team president.


At P&A we take a meticulous approach to intellectual property and financial due diligence. We rigorously test the bounds of the implicit and explicit assumptions that surround the acquisition, monetization, and commercialization of intellectual property.


We make the process exceedingly smooth and cost-effective by eliminating the number of man-hours such in-house tasks require and pinpointing potential licensing opportunities hidden in the mountain of information within the patent landscape. 


At P&A, we use behavioral signals to understand competitor patent strategies and the relative importance of different patent assets.

Patent Analytics

Patent analytics is one of the most useful tools for the business world. It provides businesses an opportunity to quickly assess the patent landscape and determine the wisest approach to move forward with intellectual property.

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