Competitor Analysis

Most companies know their direct competitors. However, most do not fully understand the inner workings of those companies. At P&A, we give our clients an advantage over their competitors using our two decades of IP valuation experience and our proprietary patent analytics system, ipAnalytx, developed by our team president. By combining our unique experience and research tools, we provide answers using more than raw patent counts and citation data, including competitor analysis and benchmarking. Our tools allow us to provide our clients with valuable information at a fraction of the time and expense it would take to research competitor information on their own.

With these tools, we give clients a view into their competitors’ IP, providing patent information for our clients’ specific needs. We distill an abundance of up-to-date IP information and simplify it into a comprehensible and readable format, placing our clients at an advantage. Our clients can learn what their competitors are pursuing, where their portfolios overlap with their competitors’ portfolios, and how they can fill gaps in their portfolios to mitigate risk or capitalize on their patent portfolios. Further, our clients can identify successful inventors and prosecuting agents to hire, recorded competitor licenses, and helpful data to improve market position.

How We Help

Our clients gain leverage through our competitor analysis without having to rifle through hundreds or thousands of patents and their details. They can easily benchmark their assets against their competitors’ with a simple, aesthetic view of patent details showcased via graphs, charts, and lists for easy comprehension and readability. Armed with this information, our clients make informed business decisions and develop successful strategies for remaining competitive.

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