Inbound & Outbound Licensing

Businesses and companies are dynamic ventures, constantly innovating and upgrading in order to remain competitive, profitable, and interesting to consumers. One of the most effective ways to remain dynamic is by licensing patents, a common endeavor providing an abundance of opportunities for companies worldwide. However, with millions of active patents in the patent landscape, the logistics of licensing patents can be cumbersome. At P&A, we make the process exceedingly smooth and cost-effective by eliminating the number of man-hours such in-house tasks require and pinpointing potential licensing opportunities hidden in the mountain of information within the patent landscape. 

We help companies seeking to license patents by identifying:

  • Companies in the relevant space 
  • Unused patents for potential exploitation
  • Useful patents for enhancing or improving a product line
  • Cross-licensing opportunities for avoiding or settling litigation
  • The useful life of patents
  • Potential threats

How We Help

By identifying key information for licensing opportunities, we help clients understand the pros and cons of licensing patents. Whether a company seeks to license patents to another company (inbound licensing) or seeks to license patents from other companies (outbound licensing), our clients benefit from our hands-on experience and propriety tools to make the best licensing decisions. We work with companies in all spaces, including the technology space, which is rife with patent licensing agreements. For instance, smartphones comprise an entanglement of licensing agreements between technology companies. Without these licensing agreements, smartphones would not have the capabilities they offer today. The companies behind the technology (e.g., Apple, Samsung) use this tactic to incorporate software into their technologies for better functioning products without spending the time and money on research and development efforts. Further, licensing patents often help to settle disputes in the instance of infringement. In addition, licensing patents helps companies reach beyond their core business without incorporating additional costs, such as manufacturing.

Make your patent licensing endeavors a cinch by contacting us today!

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