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Intellectual property is among the most valuable, if not the most valuable, assets for companies. Depending on the business and industry, IP can represent as much as 80% of a company’s value. As such, IP assets are a hot topic, especially in recent years with the increase in patent aggregation and the development of non-practicing entities. However, not all IP assets or portfolios have the same strength or value.

At P&A, we use behavioral signals to understand competitor patent strategies and the relative importance of different patent assets. For instance, a forgotten maintenance fee payment may indicate an obsolete invention or an invention with little interest. Prosecution history analysis may indicate the importance of certain patents or claims to the prosecuting party. Citations may indicate competitor interest level in the art area. Likewise, the economic life may change the future economic prospects associated with the IP assets. At P&A, we simplify all of the nuances associated with IP to help clients make strategic moves based on the IP landscape.

How We Help

Using our propriety patent analytics system, ipAnalytx, and our years of IP valuation experience, we assist clients with finding and determining the best assets for acquiring, selling, or licensing. We help them find third parties potentially interested in licensing their portfolios. We identify hidden gems for potential business opportunities and hot patent development classes, giving our clients an edge over their competitors. We even help companies find ways to monetize underutilized patents.

Our years of IP valuation, litigation consultation, and competitive intelligence position us to expertly help clients with their M&A plans. We work intimately within the IP landscape, building systems and models with proven working history. We understand the nuances of IP assets and potential ways to make them more profitable for our clients. We cull and analyze massive amounts of IP data to gain insight into a given industry. As such, we reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to make important M&A business decisions.

Not sure where to begin with you IP M&A activity? Contact P&A to learn how we can help.

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