Patent Valuations

Patents are perhaps the most complex of the intellectual properties in a technical sense. Understanding the patented technology is a key element in providing accurate patent valuations. However, few IP valuation firms bring this element to the table. At Pellegrino & Associates, we are unique in the IP valuation profession because our IP valuation analysts bring backgrounds necessary to comprehend all of the details associated with IP. We understand the science behind the technology to provide you an opinion with greater precision. We have the experience and the resources to tackle the most challenging patent valuation assignments.

With our analytical and technical skills, we can take a patent and examine it from all angles. We consider all the factors that affect value including the useful life, product life on the shelf, price and market demand, and general due diligence. We get to know the patent inside and out. We go straight to the source by interviewing patent owners and experimenting with the invention itself. By the time we are finished, we know and understand the patent thoroughly.

How We Help

Not only do we get to know the patent thoroughly, we also keep up with the latest information on patent law and the possible valuation impacts over time. Our work products receive accolades from both our clients and third parties that review our work. In fact, our reputation has intrigued other valuation firms enough to send us their most difficult assignments.

Furthermore, Pellegrino & Associates has generated an international reputation as patent valuation experts. Our patent valuation reports and valuation models have literally traveled the globe, from Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur to Germany and North America.

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