Sample Projects

Ready to see us in action? Here is a sample of the engagements that we have provided for our clients. If you would like more information or references of our work, contact us.


  • Split-cycle engine design intellectual property portfolio for investment capital raise
  • Combustion technology for waste-to-energy plants for loan collateralization
  • In-place assembled workforce for Fortune 500 company for an economic development project
  • Vertical chair lift patent for highline buses and trains for sale
  • Retractable stadium roof patent portfolio for sale
  • Retractable stadium field patent portfolio for sale
  • Damage analysis due to copyright infringement on software projects for litigation
  • Wide-body aircraft docking patent portfolio for sale
  • Wide-body aircraft landing gear elevator patent for sale
  • Technical analysis and counter argument for qualified research activity for a Section 41 credit dispute with the IRS
  • Copyrighted works collection for teaching Taguchi statistical process methods for sale
  • U.S. and Canadian patents for alarm verification system for dispute resolution
  • IP portfolio related to optimizing batch processing of data operated in the cloud
  • Patent portfolio relating to applications that address fraud origins occurring at construction sites and sports memorabilia sales
  • Patent portfolio related to AI in automobiles
  • IP portfolio related to glass films
  • Patent portfolio related to speech & text editing capabilities used in SMS primarily for smartphones
  • Trademark portfolio related to a hotel brand
  • IP portfolio regarding the U.S. opioid addiction market
  • Runway arrestor beds IP portfolio
  • Bilateral worldwide patent cross license negotiation
  • Aircraft tethering patent
  • Thermoelectric energy conversion devices patent portfolio
  • Graphene energy harvesting for commercial products IP portfolio
  • Hydrogen-rich fuels for commercial uses patent portfolio
  • Hybrid–electric aircraft engine patent
  • DNA sequencing IP portfolio
  • Trademark and trade secrets associated with software code
  • Compound and a method of treatment addressing certain endothelial cells and platelets patent portfolio

Competitive Intelligence

  • Strategic intellectual property consulting services for an educational institution
  • Strategic patent portfolio analysis for a company specializing in rechargeable battery technology
  • Analytics analysis of patent prosecutors for a workflow management company in the government space
  • Strategic patent portfolio analysis for a global investment company
  • Strategic IP and competitive intelligence analysis services for a litigation funding company
  • Strategic IP and competitive intelligence analysis services for a technology company
  • Establish total addressable market for new technology
  • Extensive patent analytics consulting and hypothesis testing a leading digital technology company
  • Develop total addressable market for information product line

Litigation Proceedings

  • Plaintiff retained: Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. vs. Orthopedics Northeast, P.C., triPractix, LLC, Raymond Kusisto and Todd Plesko, Deposition, United States Federal Court, Northern District of Indiana, Cause 1:06-cv-00173-WCL-RBC
  • Court retained: Vernon et al. v. Cuomo et al., Appointed as a neutral valuation expert, North Carolina Business Court, Wake County, Cause 06CVS8416
  • Defendant retained: Expert testimony in an appeals conference with the Internal Revenue Service in support of a Section 41 income tax controversy for a Fortune 100 company
  • Plaintiff retained: Valuation consulting services for Scalf v. LCCVB, Lake Superior Court, Civil Division, Cause No. 45D10-0406-PL-00093
  • Witness: United States Securities and Exchange Commission, In the Matter of City of Moberly, Missouri, Deposition, Case LA-3924
  • Plaintiff retained: DW Data, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, d/b/a Digital Work v. C. Coakley Relocation Systems, Inc., Deposition, United States Federal Court, Northern District of Illinois, Cause 1:10CV01666
  • Witness: Shelter Life Insurance Company et al. v. Morgan, Keegan & Company Inc. et al., Circuit Court of Cole County, Case 12AC-CC00184
  • Debtor retained: Harper Brush Works, Inc., trial testimony, United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Iowa, Cause No. 12-01757-als11
  • Plaintiff retained: Bruce E. Buchan vs. Cherokee Air Products et al., Deposition, Allen County Circuit Court, Cause 02D01-1102-PL-62
  • Plaintiff retained: Crystal Flash Petroleum, LLC v. Indiana Department of State Revenue, Deposition, Indiana Tax Court, Cause 49T10-1104-TA-00025
  • Plaintiff retained: Creative Integrated Systems, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc. et al., Deposition & trial testimony, United States Federal Court, Central District of California, Cause 2:10-CV-02735
  • Plaintiff retained: Biomet Heartland Orthopaedics, Inc. v. Biomet Orthopedics, Inc. et al., Deposition & trial testimony, Arbitration
  • Defendant retained: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc. vs. Dr. Ricardo Sasso, Deposition & trial testimony, Arbitration, Matter No. G-14-18
  • Defendant retained: AJZN, Inc. vs. Donald Yu et al., Deposition & trial testimony, United States Federal Court, District of Delaware, Cause 1:13-cv-00149
  • Defendant retained: TCL Communication Technology Holdings, Ltd., et al. v. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, et al., Deposition, United States Federal Court, Central District of California, Cause 2:15-cv-02370
  • Plaintiff retained: Bonutti Research Inc. et al. v. Lantz Medical, Inc., Deposition, United States Federal Court, Southern District of Indiana, Cause 1:14-CV-00609
  • Plaintiff retained: Separation Design Group IP Holdings LLC v. Inogen, Inc., Deposition, United States Federal Court, Central District of California, Cause 2:15-CV-08323
  • Defendant retained: Fitzmark Inc. v. Greg Humrichouser, et al., Deposition, Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 1, case number 49D01-1602-PL-003874
  • Respondent retained: Allison Huynh v. Scott Hassan, Deposition, Santa Clara Superior Court, case number 615FL013853
  • Defendant retained: Patrick Kelly v. Ann Kelly, Deposition, County of Minnehaha, South Dakota, 49 Division 16-000267
  • Plaintiff retained: Rick C. Sasso, M.D. v Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc., et al., Deposition and trial testimony, County of Marshall, Indiana, case number 50C01-1806-PL-000027
  • Defendant retained: HTC Corporation et al v. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson et al., Deposition, United States Federal Court, Eastern District of Texas, Cause 6:18-cv-00243
  • Claimant retained: CardioNet et al. v. InfoBionic, Inc., Arbitration, Cause 01-17-0004-4742
  • Defendant retained: Probatter Sports LLC v. Sports Tutor, Inc., Deposition and trial testimony, United States Federal Court for the District of Connecticut, Cause 3:05-cv-01975
  • Defendant retained: Allison Huynh v. Scott Hassan et al., Deposition, Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware, C.A. No. 2019-0893-JTL
  • Plaintiff retained: US Medical Networks LLC v BioFire Diagnostics LLC, et al, Deposition. United States Federal Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, Cause 3:19-cv-01848-N
  • Plaintiff retained: Epic Tech, LLC v. Fusion Skill et al, Deposition. United States Federal Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, Cause 4:19-cv-2400
  • Plaintiff retained: F.T., LLC v. Thomas Dr. Sexton Ph.D., et al., Deposition, No. 1:19-cv-03027-RLY-MJD, (Ind. S.D., 2019)
  • Plaintiff retained: Personalized Media Communications, LLC v. Apple Inc., Deposition & trial testimony, Case No. 2:15-cv-01366-JRG-RSP, EDTX, 2015)
  • Plaintiff retained: Lifted Limited, LLC v. Novelty, Inc. et al., United States Federal Court, Colorado District, Denver Division, Case No. 1:16-CV-03135
  • Petitioner retained: Acqis Technology, Inc. and Consolidated Subsidiary v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Trial testimony, United States Tax Court, Docket Number 9261-17
  • Plaintiff retained: ADASA, Inc. v. Avery Dennison Corporation, Trial testimony, Case No. 6:17-cv-01685-MK, DOR, 2021)
  • Plaintiff retained: Daedalus Blue, LLC v. SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd., et al., No. 6:20-cv-00073, (W.D. Tex., 2020)
  • Defendant retained: EMR (USA Holdings) Inc., v. Richard Goldberg et al, District Court for the 116th Judicial District, Dallas County, Texas, Cause DC-17-14064
  • Defendant retained: EMR (USA Holdings) Inc., v. Ken Goldberg et al, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Cause 1:18-cv-07849-ER
  • Plaintiff retained: PARTS ID LLC v. ID PARTS LLC., No. 1:20-cv-11253, (D. Mass., 2020)

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