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Pellegrino & Associates, LLC – Intellectual Property Valuation Experts

IP Valuations

IP valuation is often a big factor in business decisions such as acquisitions, litigation support, and capital budgeting, among others. Part science, part art, the IP valuation process takes considerable research and proper application of financial formulas. At P&A, we provide our clients with more than a decade of experience, valuing all varieties of IP.

Trademark Valuations

Trademarks provide some of the most valuable IP assets in the industry, with the best trademarks providing worldwide recognition. However, they are also extremely volatile, making them more susceptible to negative publicity. Further, similar trademarks can exist in two different industries. At P&A, we approach trademark valuations by thoroughly researching the issues at hand to provide accurate value attributable to the trademarks.

Investor Early-Stage Valuations

Early-stage valuations give investors one of the best decision-making tools for investment deals. Oftentimes, investors blindly reach investment decisions for new ventures or elect to forego investments due to lack of a credible value indication. With a team of engineers and business owners, P&A provides early-stage valuations that efficiently and credibly capture a concept’s value.

Patent Valuations

Patents prove extremely valuable for companies. They keep others from the market by protecting inventors’ rights and rewarding them for their time and research. However, without patent valuations, a patent’s true potential may not be known. From a technical perspective, patent valuations prove the most challenging. P&A offers the technical skills and knowledge found in few other firms to tackle the most complex patents.

Copyright Valuations

Copyrights protect expressions of items, not the items themselves. Therefore, much confusion exists regarding copyright law. Our copyright valuations help clients understand exactly how much their copyrights are worth.

Entrepreneur Early-Stage Valuations

Early-stage valuations provide entrepreneurs a tool that aids in the funding process. Oftentimes, raising capital is difficult without understanding the value of an asset as investors do not want to invest in something in which they do not know the worth. P&A’s valuations have helped numerous companies in their capital funding efforts.

Trade Secret Valuations

Trade secrets give companies remarkable competitive advantage, as long as they are kept secret. While they do not receive federal protection in most cases, they do receive state protection, which varies by state. Therefore, P&A valuations consider various state laws, and P&A recommends various ways companies should protect their trade secrets to preserve their value.

Software Valuations

Understanding the value of software helps companies perform daily business activities. Among them are asset sales, asset purchases, capital formation, and litigation support, to name a few. Embedded software is often a hidden component of machines and devices consumers and companies use daily. It offers value that companies often do not reap because the software cost is often unknown separate from the entire unit. P&A offers software valuations for a wide variety of industries.

About Us

Pellegrino & Associates is a preeminent leader in the intellectual property valuation industry. Armed with employees who have owned businesses, patented inventions, and practiced law in the intellectual property industry, P&A brings a perspective unlike any other IP valuation firm. We bring educational tools, a deep understanding of the IP valuation process, expert testimony, and work experience consisting of hundreds of projects. We’ve written books on the IP valuation process, helped change standards, and educated professionals in the IP valuation industry. We provide solid reports and modeling methods that clearly define our widely accepted valuations in a wide gamut of industries.

Both domestic and international clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies request our services for a variety of purposes. Learn more by visiting our services area. Or contact us. We stand ready to help with your IP valuation needs.

  • Nationally Recognized

    P&A has generated a national reputation as a software and intellectual property appraisal firm, and nationally respected outlets such as Valuation Strategies, The Journal of Taxation, CFO Magazine, Business Valuation Resources, Entrepreneur.com, MSNBC.com, FoxNews.com, various state bars, and others have carried, quoted, or published P&A’s material.

  • Strong Reputation

    P&A has been honored to work with small and large private and publicly traded companies across the globe. P&A is proud to include the likes of corporate leaders such as IBM, Sony, American Express, Lockheed Martin, Duke Energy, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Rolls-Royce North America, Ascension Healthcare, and General Electric among its clients, as well as promising revolutionary startups.

  • 400+ Engagements Completed

    Since 2004, Pellegrino & Associates has completed more than 400 engagements for more than 200 clients in a wide range of industries. These engagements involve valuing various assets including patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands, trade secrets, businesses, and human capital, to name a few.