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Pellegrino & Associates is a preeminent leader in the intellectual property valuation industry. Armed with employees who have owned businesses, patented inventions, and practiced law in the intellectual property industry, P&A brings a perspective unlike any other IP valuation firm. We bring educational tools, a deep understanding of the IP valuation process, expert testimony, and work experience consisting of hundreds of projects. We’ve written books on the IP valuation process, helped change standards, and educated professionals in the IP valuation industry. We provide solid reports and modeling methods that clearly define our widely accepted valuations in a wide gamut of industries.

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P&A has generated a national reputation as a software and intellectual property appraisal firm, and nationally respected outlets such as Valuation Strategies, The Journal of Taxation, CFO Magazine, Business Valuation Resources,,,, various state bars, and others have carried, quoted, or published P&A’s material.



P&A has been honored to work with small and large private and publicly traded companies across the globe. P&A is proud to include the likes of corporate leaders such as IBM, Sony, American Express, Lockheed Martin, Duke Energy, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Rolls-Royce North America, Ascension Healthcare, and General Electric among its clients, as well as promising revolutionary startups.


Engagements Completed

Since 2004, Pellegrino & Associates has completed more than 400 engagements for more than 200 clients in a wide range of industries. These engagements involve valuing various assets including patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands, trade secrets, businesses, and human capital, to name a few.

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