Trade Secret Valuations

Did you know every time you take a bite of Kentucky Fried Chicken that you are taking a bite out of a trade secret? When you wash down that chicken with a Coca-Cola, you are drinking a trade secret. Trade secrets are everywhere. Without trade secrets, fast food could potentially taste the same. Furthermore, without trade secrets, Coca-Cola would not be among the most famous companies in the world.

A trade secret is information that provides a business with a competitive advantage. Trade secrets can entail formulas; patterns, plans, and designs; physical devices, processes, and know-hows. Unlike patent information, trade secret information doesn’t have to be disclosed to the public. Trade secret protection may represent a perpetual source of value, as long as the owner maintains close control and protection over its secrets. Chances are that you’ll never be able to get your hands on that Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe or Coca-Cola soft drink ingredients.

At Pellegrino & Associates, we provide trade secret valuations that help you understand and exploit the value of your trade secrets. We determine how competitors impact the useful life of your trade secret. We establish how much time it would take to reverse engineer your invention, which greatly affects the value of your product. We research the length of time it took to originate the trade secret and how this affects the overall product or service value. This is just a sampling of what we can do to ensure you receive the best trade secret valuation in the industry.

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