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Patent analytics is one of the most useful tools for the business world. It provides businesses an opportunity to quickly assess the patent landscape and determine the wisest approach to move forward with intellectual property. Presented with asymmetry, the patent landscape is a complicated web of information that can become overwhelming and cumbersome to decipher. It requires tremendous man hours, insurmountable legwork, and a difficult analytical task. To manually process this information takes time away from making business decisions that can economically affect a business, which means missed opportunities, wrong decisions, and incorrect information.

At P&A, we offer patent analytics services that work around the asymmetry to give our clients the most useful, reliable, and informative details regarding the worth of their patents. With that said, we are no ordinary patent analytics provider. Using more than a decade of patent valuation experience, members of our team developed a proprietary, state-of-the-art patent analytics system called ipAnalytx that we use for nearly every patent engagement we receive. With our combined IP valuation and software development skills, we provide the depth and breadth of capabilities not found in other firms or systems. Our firm can detect issues on an engagement, form a hypothesis, author code, and test the results in a matter of hours. Therefore, we possess the domain knowledge as well as the ability to turn that knowledge into algorithmic form in any time scale shorter than what is measured in fiscal quarters.

How We Help

With these advantages, we offer Big Data capabilities providing accurate information on many important matters involving patent analytics that puts a company at an advantage. Such analytics include material patent transactions, key patent accumulators, possible acquisition targets, market trends, inventor information, and so much more. Imagine all of this information at your hands in a matter of days rather than weeks, months, or even years of due diligence on a manual level!

Whether a law firm, tech transfer office, a corporation, a small business, a start-up business, or an inventor, P&A can provide you patent analytics guaranteed to make the decision process run smoother and faster.

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