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Seeking copyright valuation firms can seem daunting as much of the literature today concerns patent valuation, despite copyright litigation being more prevalent than patent litigation. Copyright valuations are complex as copyrightable items span many forms. Copyrights cover a wide range of forms such as bronze sculptures, books, movies, music, and computer software, to name a few. Microsoft Office, the Harry Potter novel series, Adele’s latest album, and the Star Wars film series are all example of copyrightable forms.

Because each type of item brings various nuances to the market, the process for determining copyright value varies with each type of form. At Pellegrino & Associates, we have proven history with copyright valuation. Our experience includes valuing the copyrights associated with the Kurt Vonnegut’s work, digital signage software, speech analytics software, and others.

Since the first U.S. Copyright Law passed in 1790, copyright protection has changed significantly, covering many more forms. Today, more than ever, protecting copyrights proves challenging with technological advances that make it simple to infringe copyrights with a click of a button. This means it is more difficult for copyright owners to maintain value of their copyrights, as theft may go undetected. In fact, copyright takedown requests continue to increase annually as Google reported 12.1 million requests in just the first week of 2016.

What Does Copyright Protect?

Copyright law protects the expression of an item, but not the item itself, which patents and trademarks usually protect. Therefore, it may not always be clear to infringers what constitutes infringement. In turn, copyright owners may not always understand what their copyrights actually protect. However, copyright owners can seek a qualified copyright valuation firm that can provide owners with a clear understanding of what their copyrights actually protect.

At Pellegrino & Associates, we dig deep to understand your copyright so that it can be valuated with accuracy. We ask pertinent questions that pinpoint the nuances that affect value, such as:

  • Is the work registered?
  • Is the work factual?
  • Does fair use erode value?
  • Is the work made for hire?
  • Does the copyright provide notice?
  • Is the copyright in the public domain?
  • Is the work covered by the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990?

We consider historic and prospective data to determine economic life. We spend time assessing the risk for future economic income attributable to the copyright and general market conditions.

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