Due Diligence

At P&A we take a meticulous approach to intellectual property and financial due diligence. Combining years of intellectual property, business, and consulting experience using proprietary tools and analytics, we rigorously test the bounds of the implicit and explicit assumptions that surround the acquisition, monetization, and commercialization of intellectual property.

This process takes considerable time and scrutiny, nearly dissecting every aspect of an asset and its potential. However, the key to due diligence is asking the right questions to gain a deep understanding of the intellectual property, business plan, and market. Whether the value determination lays the groundwork for a merger, acquisition, sale, or commercialization efforts, thorough due diligence helps to identify risk points and mitigate problems before they arise. At P&A, with over 400 engagements involving the due diligence of thousands of patents, we have the experience and skills for asking the right questions, saving our clients time and resources.

For each asset at issue, we focus on a number of areas including IP protections, capitalization, ownership structure, existing customers, competitors, maintenance, inventory, marketing strategy, and so much more for making an accurate value determination. Therefore, the more assets at issue, the more information exists to investigate. For companies with large portfolios, it is paramount to use experts. A trained eye can sort through insurmountable data and nuanced project details to mitigate risk. In the context of IP, a single detail can alter value determination from $0 to $1 billion and vice versa. 

How We Help

At P&A, we take the time to understand the inner workings of intellectual property, including development costs, target markets, the competitive landscape, proforma financial expectations, cost drives, and much more. We test each of the key assumptions against real-world data to assure not only the accuracy of the data, but the defensibility of our value determinations. Not only do we have the skill set and the experience for performing due diligence, we also have our proprietary tool, ipAnalytx, that features the most up-to-date patent information with just a click. As such, we save time, resources, and costs associated with due diligence, eliminating the need for extensive meetings, mountains of paperwork, or man-hours. 

We enjoy the challenge that due diligence brings to each engagement, turning it into a readable, viable, and usable value determination for helping our clients make informed decisions. Contact us today for your due diligence needs! 

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