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Litigation is a long, expensive, and cumbersome endeavor. Add the nuances related to intellectual property and the endeavor can seem impossible. At P&A, we have the knowledge, the years of experience, the skill set, and the tools to assist our clients with IP litigation. Courts have validated our methods, analyses, and expert witness testimonies, and law firms consistently seek our services. In fact, nearly half of our engagements involve IP litigation, and, in 2021, our company president, Mike Pellegrino, was the testifying expert on two of the top 10 patent damages verdicts.

With a history rich in IP valuations spanning practically every industry, we bring a thorough understanding of intellectual property and its worth. We have gone through the process of patenting inventions ourselves. Our employees have developed software for our IP service needs. We are also thought leaders in the IP realm, writing our own books and articles on IP valuation, as well as speaking around the world on the topic. We work closely with clients, helping them understand the nuances of intellectual property and strategic structures for successful business decisions and paths for their intellectual property.

How We Help

Our firm combines the use of ipAnalytx, our custom-built software solution that mines patent data, and our expertise gained from our experiences in every facet of IP (e.g., legal, business, advisory). As such, our experience and tools allow us to cull the most useful and strategically important insights in a cost-effective amount of time and for the particular needs of our clients. Further, with court validation and continual engagements with law firms, we provide the best combination of IP litigation consulting and IP valuation in the industry.

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