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P&A $308 Million Analysis Accepted in Apple Case

We are pleased to announce that a jury accepted our damages analysis in a recent patent infringement case, Personalized Media Communications, LLC (PMC) v. Apple, Inc., that P&A Founder Mike Pellegrino testified in. Just three weeks before trial, Mr. Pellegrino replaced PMC’s damages expert. In preparation, the P&A team analyzed and incorporated nearly 1,000 pages […]

Artificial Intelligence Patent Explosion

The idea of artificial intelligence dates back to Greek mythology. Through the years, mentions of robots, systems, modes of transportation, and much more operating and thinking on their own appear in novels and movies, especially science fiction where artificial intelligence seems nearly synonymous. One of the first books to mention artificial intelligence, Frankenstein, was published […]

P&A 2020 Highlights

It is hard to believe that one month of the New Year is already finished! We are excited for all of the potential opportunities, the new and interesting projects that come our way each year, the new people we get to meet, the new information that we come across, and so much more. We also […]

5 Reasons Pandemics & Movements Create Trademark Pursuit

The year 2020 has created high emotions amidst a presidential election, movements, and a pandemic. Whether these instances cause fear, uncertainty, opportunities, anger, or happiness, the entire world is in it together. This year is especially unprecedented as everyone is affected in some aspect by any one of these issues. As such, these issues create […]

5 Ways to Protect IP During a Pandemic

The spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world is forcing a new “work-from-home” environment. And it is likely that this environment will last past the pandemic, or at least continue in some version. As the days move into months, many people and businesses continue to adapt to changes in an effort to keep businesses […]

Tech Transfers: Essential to Innovation

Many companies provide a plethora of innovations. For instance, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, and Sony own tens of thousands of patents for their innovations. But did you know that the products these companies sell contain inventions owned by other companies? For instance, Samsung and Google have a cross-license so that they can share innovations to […]

LES: A New Chapter in Indiana

We are proud to announce that our very own Associate Director of Pellegrino & Associates, Tejas Shah, has launched a Licensing Executives Society (LES) chapter in Indiana! This is great news for professionals interested in all aspects of licensing intellectual property. With more than 50 years of history, LES provides a host of valuable information […]

2019 Highlights: A Year in Review

It is hard to believe that we are already into the second month of the New Year! We look forward to each new year in the valuation business as it rewards us with new clients, new projects, new friends, new adventures, and new learning opportunities. Although we enjoy every new aspect of each year, we […]