Jill Starbuck

Senior Market Research Analyst

Jill Starbuck is a Senior Marketing Analyst and Technical Editor at Pellegrino & Associates, LLC. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from The Defiance College and a Master’s degree in English from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. She also graduated from The Publishing Institute and earned certification in editing from UC Berkeley.

As a research professional, Ms. Starbuck has directed focus groups, written qualitative reports, created telephone surveys, and conducted telephone interviews. Her market research experience has taken her to the international arena where she has managed complex research projects in the Asian, Latin American, and European markets.

Ms. Starbuck’s research capabilities have landed her leadership roles in project management and have enabled her to build strong customer relationships. Her projects have included studies on blood pressure medicine, college curriculums, glucose monitors, and industrial directories. She was also the lead editor for market intelligence reports based on the automotive, banking, pharmaceutical, retail, and software industries. At Pellegrino & Associates, LLC, Ms. Starbuck performs market research for valuation projects, focusing on acquiring primary and secondary market research for the valuation analysts to integrate into final value opinions.

As a communication professional, Ms. Starbuck has extensive experience in editing, researching, training, and writing. Her writing background includes analytical reports, brochures, catalog copy, manuals, newsletters, and technical documents. She has created and facilitated writing courses at the college and business levels. She also has developed house style guides and standard operating procedures.

Based on her editing abilities and attention to detail, Ms. Starbuck was recommended to The Publishing Institute where acceptance is limited and highly competitive. She is also frequently recommended by colleagues to companies and colleges to guide them in editing and writing processes.

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