Litigation Consulting

Valuations play a big role in litigation. They provide an unbiased assessment of material critical in the decision-making process of a lawsuit. They clear the air on the value of a given asset or circumstance. Finding the right valuation firm with the experience and knowledge to ask the right questions is crucial. At P&A, we provide years of experience in the litigation setting. In fact, attorneys, judges, and government entities such as the IRS and the SEC have widely accepted our work. We’ve worked with courts at the state and federal level, tax jurisdictions, and arbitration panels regarding various issues. These issues include bankruptcy valuations, estate tax valuations, property tax valuations, income tax valuations, copyright infringement claims, trade secret misappropriation claims, patent infringement claims, breach of contract claims, and more.

With more than a decade in business, P&A has seen an increase in requests for litigation consulting through the years. This proves that a growing need exists for IP valuations and other types of valuations within the litigation setting. Plaintiffs, defendants, courts, and debtors retain our firm for various litigation issues.

We bring an independent and neutral view to each case. We provide research, analysis, dynamic financial modeling, advisory services, and expert testimony to bring clarity to each particular issue. Our experienced staff gets to the heart of the details, which is necessary for defensible and accurate valuations.

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