Trademark valuations are important for all companies to pursue as trademark value can fluctuate with market developments, consumer taste changes, and the entrance of new competitors. Trademark valuations indicate how a company stacks up against others as time progresses and the market changes.

Trademarks and brands represent some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the world. Many famous companies rely heavily on their trademarks and brand names. For example, the majority of consumers worldwide recognize trademarks such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. These established trademarks position the companies associated with them above their competitors as consumers tend to trust established brands.

However, although trademarks often represent the most valuable intellectual property for companies, they are also one of the most volatile and can lose their value instantly. For instance, an unforeseen event such as negative publicity (e.g., Subway representative Jared Fogle’s conviction) or contamination of food (e.g., Blue Bell’s recall on all products due to listeria) can damage the integrity of a brand name. Therefore, protecting and defending trademarks is important to ensure they maintain their highest value potential.

At Pellegrino & Associates, we provide credible trademark valuations that take a variety of factors into consideration. For instance, we address the trademark’s durability, its strength, counterfeit risks, fair use value impacts, standards of use, and much more. We understand how valuable trademarks can be for a company; therefore, we examine them from all angles to provide the most accurate trademark valuation.

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