Our Core Services

We specialize in the valuation of high-tech property, for a variety of purposes including capital projects, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, investments, tax matters, and financial reporting. Our team includes seasoned engineers, finance, and accounting professionals. We have the technical capability to perform the work. Frequent writers and speakers at a national level, we have the credibility to defend our work.

  • IP Valuations

    Intellectual property valuation is part science, part art. The science is in the financial formulas that analysts use to quantify the myriad of inputs that drive value. Every valuation analyst, regardless of which school they hail from, learns the same formulas. The art is in how the valuation analyst applies these formulas to generate a meaningful, statistically valid, and defensible value. That is nothing a school or certification, no matter the pedigree, can teach.

  • Copyright Valuations

    Noah Webster, the inspiration behind the popular Merriam-Webster Dictionary today, was the driving force behind the first U.S. copyright law passed in 1790. The Copyright Act of 1790 protected books, charts, maps, and other original materials.

  • Patent Valuations

    Since 1790, the United States has issued over 7.5 million patents, which means at least 7.5 million inventions have been protected. Without patents, inventors run the risk of competitors stealing their inventions and making money at their expense.

  • Trademark Valuations

    Trademarks have been around for thousands of years. Some of the first known trademarks were used by Roman Empire blacksmiths to distinguish their superior work from others. Today companies use trademarks much the same way they were used ages ago. Pellegrino & Associates can help you determine the value of your trademark to see what distinguishes you from the competition now.

  • Trade Secret Valuations

    Did you know every time you take a bite of Kentucky Fried Chicken that you are taking a bite out of a trade secret? When you wash down that chicken with a Coca-Cola, you are drinking a trade secret. Trade secrets are everywhere. Without trade secrets, restaurant food could potentially taste the same!

  • Software Valuations

    Software can be an extraordinarily valuable asset for many companies. It can be the cornerstone of a major insurance company’s competitive cost advantage. It can enable a major hospital system’s electronic medical records system to manage the data needs of 6,000 doctors and nurses. It can be crucial to robots that apply paint to vehicles in conveyor systems.

  • Investor Early-Stage Valuations

    Early-stage valuation is both important and difficult for the investor. In many cases, the entrepreneur presenting the investment opportunity will not have credible value indication, making it difficult for you to establish how much ownership to require in exchange for the funds you invest.

  • Entrepreneur Early-Stage Valuations

    Early-stage valuation is both important and difficult. In many cases, a company fills the funding gap to commercialize the early-stage concept from external investors. It is crucial that you know the value of your concept. You only get one chance in front of investors—it is prudent to put your best foot forward.

  • Royalty Rates

    Did you know that there are approximately eight common approaches valuation analysts use to determine a royalty value? Among those approaches, only a few work appropriately as most have remarkable theoretical shortcomings – even among those with broad use. We have diligently studied and analyzed each method and can determine which approach is most appropriate for a given scenario. Don’t rely on the status quo.