Capital Formation

Capital formation is one of the biggest steps in making an invention or startup a reality. It often takes a considerable amount of capital in order to pay for all of the costs of setting up a new venture. Costs stem from material, equipment, staff, marketing efforts, attorney fees, patent applications, and more. Many times, inventors and new business owners seek investors who may be interested in investing in their new endeavor. However, one of the challenges of piquing investor interest involves the worth of a new invention or business. If the invention has never been on the market, how does an inventor know how much it is worth? Investors often will not invest in something for which the worth is unknown. It’s too risky.

Therefore, obtaining a valuation to learn about an asset’s worth can make a big difference in capital formation efforts. Pellegrino & Associates has provided valuations for numerous inventors and start-up companies in their efforts to raise capital. Our valuations have helped clients raise millions.

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