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Disney: A Force in Brand Monetization

After nearly a decade of silence, Star Wars is back. From drugstores to fast food restaurants to many types of retail outlets, Star Wars merchandise is everywhere. Cups, candy, action figures, Legos, games, clothing, and food are just a few of the products that sport Star Wars logos and characters. Not only is this merchandise […]

McDonald’s Brand Struggle

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable names in the world. Starting out as a simple hamburger joint, the chain now boasts more than 36,000 restaurants and serves approximately 69 million customers daily around the world. It has been tempting customers with Happy Meals, Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, and other favorites for over 60 years. […]

Pellegrino & Associates Influences IP Valuation Industry

Determining who to hire for any type of service can be a daunting task. This is especially true for valuations because conducting valuations is a non-exact science. However, IP valuation firms with the expertise and proper methodology can provide credible valuations that stand up in a courtroom and make good business sense. While a number […]

Four Ways Brands Maintain Value

Brands provide recognition and perceptions about particular products or companies. For instance, we know where we can buy a Big Mac. We also expect that Big Mac to taste nearly identical to a previous Big Mac we’ve had at a different location. With brands, we want a certain quality and guarantee that meets our expectations […]

Spokespersons Prove Risky for Company/Brand Image

Companies sometimes use spokespersons to promote a product. They often choose a well-known or famous person that exudes good and moral behavior. Typically, a celebrity or athlete who is often in the limelight captures a wide audience. The audience begins to feel as if they know a specific spokesperson, which translates into a form of […]

Patent Analysis Platforms Contain Key Data

In recent years, a variety of patent analysis platforms have entered the market. These platforms contain patent data that could provide the answers to many business dilemmas. While market information is publicly available, it often takes insurmountable time to find each valuable piece of information. This is where patent analysis platforms come in handy. Patent […]

Top Four Reasons to Consider Market-Derived Data

The market reveals a lot about the business world. It gives key indications on which areas to pursue, which areas to avoid, who may be interested in buying or selling, and so much more. Therefore, using market-derived patent data can help companies outperform their competitors and make wise business decisions. As already mentioned, market-derived patent […]

Recall Affects Value for Blue Bell

One of the biggest nightmares for a company is a recall—especially when a product causes injury or death to consumers. However, a recall can happen to the best of brands. In fact, it already has for many popular brands. For instance, in 1982 Johnson & Johnson recalled 31 million units of its Extra Strength Tylenol […]

Social Media Posts Create Great Visibility, Increase Value

Social media has plenty of marketing power. But it is especially useful when ideas go viral. The biggest sensation to go viral this year so far was a simple post of a dress. A lady’s post on Tumbler went viral as she tried to end a debate on whether a dress was white and gold […]

Identifying Target Audience Key in Advertising Value

The Super Bowl presents a dream advertising opportunity in terms of exposure. Each year the number of Super Bowl viewers continues to climb, with this year’s Super Bowl drawing the most with more than 114 million viewers. For many people, part of the Super Bowl attraction is the commercials—one of the few times that people […]