Colton Riggs

Associate Valuation Analyst

Colton Riggs is an Associate Valuation Analyst at Pellegrino & Associates, LLC. Mr. Riggs performs market research, financial analysis, and valuations across various P&A solutions.

Prior to working at the company, Mr. Riggs earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Finance degree from the University of Indianapolis’s School of Business and has worked for multiple commercial real estate investment companies. In these roles, Mr. Riggs learned the art of sourcing capital and the analysis of private investment funds. Mr. Riggs also served on the board of the U-Indy Student Fund where he analyzed, valued, and pitched public investments.

Mr. Riggs is a member of the Venture Club of Indiana, an organization that connects entrepreneurs with investors through educational and social events. He is also a member of the Orr Fellowship, where he helps the organization develop the business and interpersonal skills of young professionals focusing on continued learning, skill building, and professional development.

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